The XV Anniversary International Chess Tournament “Maralsay” completed Almaty


«To chess all ages yield surrender».

The XV Anniversary International Chess Tournament “Maralsay” completed in August 25, which attracted more than 190 players. In the tournament A, six straight victories provided Ajan Akhmetov not just the first prize, but a significant advantage (for this range) before the competitors. Serikbay Assel displays a brilliant result sharing the second place.


Another interesting fact: half a point and 67 years separate young Nurgali Nazerke (born in 2004), who showed great performance among strong players from the eldest participant in the tournament Orazbek Kaldybaev. This is a clear and convincing example regarding the idea that ” To chess all ages yield surrender…”


The equality remained between the players born in 2001, namely Nogerbek Kazybek and Isanzhulov Arystan even after the last rounds. After the calculation of the Buchholz ratio, Nogerbek Kazybek was pronounce the winner.


In the group aged 10, Kali Elimzhan (8.5 years old) and Zhumagali Dinmukhamed (8 years old) maintained leadership throughout the tournament. The third prize-winner was Maylebaev Sanzhar.


In the group U8 everything resolved in an essential contest of Konay Isa, who had one point advantage before the last round, against Aben Sulta. Sultan managed not only to catch up with the leader, but also stay ahead according to Buchholz ratio. The third place was awarded to Sagatay Zgolbaryskhan, who gained 7 points like the winners, but lower additional indicators.


Ali Habiev defeated Yamin Aldakeev and forced him back to the third place. Meanwhile Gleb Shapirin won the game and became the sole winner. The youngest group numbered in total six participants. However, rapidly growing commitment in chess leaves doubt – this age group has the future and during the following tournaments the number of applicants will increase.


With every new tournament the number of participating countries increases, at the same time expands the panel of jury. The world-class Champions are involved in judging the tournaments. Alexander Khalifman, the XIV World Chess Champion was invited to judge of the First Cup Tournament of the Association of Financiers of the Republic of Kazakhstan held in 2007. Ilyumzhinov Kirsan Nikolaevich, the President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) was the guest of honor at this event.