First “Almaty Open”


From October 5 to October 15 in Almaty there will take place the large international tournament on chess “Almaty Open 2016”. At the same time it is the 2nd stage of the Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

About 100 chess players from Tajikistan and Russia, Uzbekistan and Belgium, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan will become participants of the tournament. The total prize fund “Almaty Open 2016″ is  2 500 000 tenge. It is handed over by the Kazakhstan federation of chess. The holder of the first prize of tournament will receive 450.000 tenge. Also, will be the addition awarded winners: the best veteran of tournament, the best chess player up to 16 years and the best chess player of Almaty.

–”Almaty Open” is carried out to Almaty for the first time. The idea to hold tournament was created last year. Our purpose is to hold in Kazakhstan as much international tournaments as possible. Competing with the international grand masters of high level, our athletes will get priceless experience, will improve their game qualities. Among the most high-ranking participants first “Almaty Open” grand masters with FIDE rating is higher than 2500: Dzhakhongir Vakhidov (Uzbekistan), Vadim Malakhatko from Belgium and Russian Alexey Bezgodov. Kazakhstan in tournament will present more than 70 chess players, among which Azamat Utegaliye is the most rating one (2513). In “Almaty Open” willplay the current champion of Kazakhstan Petr Kostenko – has told the president of the Kazakhstan chess federation Galimzhan Yessenov.

The mentioned Dzhakhongir Vakhidov (21 years) is the champion of Uzbekistan (2015), the Cup holder of Central Asia (2013), the international winner of the Hastings International Chess Congress tournament (2015, 2016).

Alexey Bezgodov is the participant of the World Cup of 2000, World Cups (2009, 2011), the World chess Olympic Games (2010), the author of books on chess.

Vadim Malakhatko is the Ukrainian-Belgian chess player who has won bronze at the World chess Olympic Games (as a part of the national team of Ukraine, 2000). He is also the winner of the European championship (as a part of the national team of Ukraine, 2001).

“We have made tournament open. Such type of tournaments is the most widespread in Europe and the world. It has allowed us to invite to “Almaty Open” strong grand masters from the different countries. Such rivals will help our chess players to increase the professional level. And depending on results someof participants of tournament will be able to be entitled the international grand master or the master”

– the Executive director of KFC Irina Grishchenko

Competitions will take place in Altyn Kargaly hotel sanatorium (Zhandosov St. 204, run from Sain-Askarov St.). The tournament is a nine rounds Swiss Tournament by FIDE rules with shortchanging of rating. The chief judge of competitions – the arbitrator of FIDE Evgeny Meteleno from Astana.