Kazakhstan Chess Championship among boys and girls (8-18 years), Schuchinsk, 08-20 March 2016


Dear participants!
Dear judges and fans!

Here, in the beautiful resort town of Schuchinsk, young men and women, the hopes of Kazakhstan’s sport, gathered to play the championship of Kazakhstan in different age categories. Some of you already have the experience of participating in major tournaments, but for the others this is their first.  I hope and wish you that this is a successful start for you.

I believe that, regardless of age, each of the players will do their best to win, and that it is a fair play.  I sincerely wish you all, without exception, to show the best game.

Let the best player win!

Only united we can build a glorious future of sport in Kazakhstan!

Galimzhan Yessenov,
The president of The Kazakhstan Chess Federation