6 gold, 5 silver and 6 bronze medals – 17 medals in total – this is the attainment of the Kazakhstan junior national chess team the guys achieved in Tashkent where the West Asia Championship finished. 232 chess players from 11 countries of the region took part in it.

16-years-old Asel Serikbay took 2 gold medals in the category to 20 years old and became the best player in rapid and blitz. The young player from Kyzylorda Region also took the silver medal in classics having made the third point of the international master. 14-years-old Nazerke Nurgali who also played in the category to 20 years old took the silver medal in rapid and blitz, and the third place in classics.

“The West Asia region has been traditionally famous for its strong players, and it is a humbling experience to encounter its best representatives,” Asel Serikbay says, “When I played not my age category, I made a challenge for myself, as almost all competitors were older than me and had more experience. But the result showed that I was rather succussful to encounter”.

It should be noted that eight of twenty-two Kazakhstani sportsmen participating in the contest came back with medals. Kseniya Balabayeva in the category to 14 years old took two gold medals (in blitz and classics), Zeynep Syltanbek took the gold medal in blitz and bronze medal in rapid (to 16 years old), Elnaz Kaliakhmet in the category to 8 years old became the best player in classics and confirmed her “gold” success with a silver medal in rapid, and Bibisara Abylkyzy took the third line in rapid and classics in the category to 6 years old. Aisha Alen and Abilmansur Abdilkhair took bronze medals in classics in the categories to 12 and to 16 years old, respectively.

“The results of our young sportsmen is an indisputable factor of the top-rank national chess school”, Vasily Shymilkov, the Chairman of Kazakhstan delegation at the Championship, says, “For example, Asel (16 years old) and Nazerke (14 years old) had bona competition with the participants of the category to 20 years old. And both of them took three medals”.

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