The XV Anniversary International Chess Tournament “Maralsay” started in August 18


«Chess is gymnastics for the brain».



The XV Anniversary International Chess Tournament “Maralsay” started in August 18, which attracted more than 190 players. The competition was held among children and young people under the leadership of Khasanova F. S, the first World Chess Champion among women in the category under 20. This event has been carried out on an annual basis since 2000 and has become a special tradition for young chess players of Kazakhstan.


The main promoter of the event, Khasanova Flyura Sirenyevna, in her welcoming speech noted that this tournament is dedicated to the memory of Musin Askar Rollanovich, the Director of “Maralsay” resort, who always contributed to organizing the first tournaments. The competition will take place in two stages: Stage A will be open for all the visitors, and Stage B is available for the top-rated players. In addition to winning places and cups, a victory in this championship provides a certificate for the participation in the International Chess Festival MoscowOpen.


«Chess is the oldest game that still remains one of the modern and most popular in the world.

Every player, each time he sits at the board, discovers new borders and new opportunities. Chess always keep developing, and in such a way we are developing as well.

Chess is a very fair game. No one may interfere with a fair game on the chessboard. Everything depends on you, your strategy and tactics.

I wish you good luck, may all your dreams come true and let the best man win” – noted Galimzhan Shaimardanovich, the President of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation in his congratulatory speech


In 2015 the tournament will be held from 17 to 25 of August, which will bring together the chess players from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. The tournament will be performed in nine rounds according to FIDE Code of Ethics and regulated by Swiss system, which is practiced in all the International Chess Competitions. The tournament will be judged by the top grade International arbitrators. The chief coach of the Russian student team, Maxim P. Ivakhin, was invited as a meet chairman.


The purpose of the tournament is the creation of a strong team of chess players, able to achieve significant results at international competitions and Olympiads, creation of prestigious starting ground for the juniors and developing of their potential.

With every new tournament the number of participating countries increases, at the same time expands the panel of jury. The world-class Champions are involved in judging the tournaments. Alexander Khalifman, the XIV World Chess Champion was invited to judge of the First Cup Tournament of the Association of Financiers of the Republic of Kazakhstan held in 2007. Ilyumzhinov Kirsan Nikolaevich, the President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) was the guest of honor at this event,

Yessenov G. S., the founder of scientific-educational fund Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation (one of the sponsors of the event) and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC “ATF Bank”, was elected as the new President of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation in July 2015 at the extraordinary congress in Astana.