The Kazakhstan Women’s chess team won two gold medals of the V Asian Games in closed premises, which are held in Ashgabat (Turkmenistan).

Team Gold to our country was brought by the strongest chess players of the Republic – Zhansaya Abdumalik and Dinara Saduakasova. In the final match in the discipline of rapid, they outranked the athletes from China in a stubborn struggle (1,5 : 0,5). In blitz chess, duet of Dinara and Zhansaya won bronze, losing in the semifinals to the Iranian national team. Moreover, Dinara Saduakasova climbed to the third stage of the Winners’ podium in the personal standings of the Asian Games in classical chess.

— Gold! — Coach of the Women’s national team (Rustam Khusnutdinov) comments the success of his wards. — Before that, only 2 silver and 2 bronze medals of the Asian Games were active in the Kazakh chess team. There was no Gold. Now it is, and that’s it.

Within the framework of the Women’s team, the country’s honor at the 5th Asian Games was represented not only by Abdumalik and Saduakasova, but also by Guliskhan Nakhbaeva and Sholpan Zhylkaidarova.

As part of our Men’s team, the following athletes competed in the capital of Turkmenistan: Rinat Dzhumabaev (№1 in the Kazakhstan rating), Murtas Kazhgaleev (№2) and young – Denis Makhnev and Zhanat Sain. Unfortunately, the Men’s team performed weaker than women: in the individual standings of the Asian Games Murtas Kazhgaleev was on the 7th place, and Rinat Dzhumabaev — on 15-th. However, it should be noted that this male duet passed the athletes from Kyrgyzstan, sharing the third team place in blitz chess with the representatives of India.



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The international chess club “Debut” (Almaty) will hold traditional tournaments from October 12 until 15, 2017 in Rapid Format and Blitz speed chess. The Rapid Format speed chess “Cup of the President of the Union of Chess Players of Almaty” will be held first from October 12-14, and Blitz format “Silver Samovar” on A.K. Bulekpava’s Prizes on October 15.

Competitions will be held in 9 round Swiss format.

In rapid format speed chess, each player will have 15 minutes +10 seconds per turn made until the end of the game; in the blitz format – players will have 3 minutes plus 2 seconds for each turn.

The rapid format prize fund is 1 million 20 thousand tenge with 12 main prizes and the first place is for – 225 thousand tenge.

The prize fund of the blitz is 480 thousand tenge, 12 main places, 1 place – 150 thousand tenge.




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On September 5th 2017 Almaty hosted a regular meeting of the Executive Committee of RPA “Kazakhstan Chess Federation”.

The meeting covered certain topics including issues regarding the regulation on competitive selection of organizations (legal entities) on hosting the official chess tournaments in the Republic of Kazakhstan; in addition, the decision was taken to announce the relevant competition. As in years prior, Kazakhstan chess fedeartion’s tournament organizers are determined by the results of the annual competition.

On recommendation of the coach of the women national chess team Rustam Khusnutdinov FIDE Women Master Assel Serikbay was introduced as a reserve member for the Kazakhstan national team, and she was assigned the corresponding scholarship from Kazakhstan Chess Federation.

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Almaty Open 2017, a large international, stage 2, Kazakhstan Chess Cup tournament, will take place from October 2 – 11 in Almaty

Almaty Open 2017 tournament, carried out for the second time in Almaty, will be overseen by the Kazakhstan Chess Federation.International chess grandmasters from different countries with high ratings will be invited to play in “Almaty Open”. These skilled attendees will help our own chess players to improve their professional skills and confidence, and GM or IM titles may be awarded to some participants of this tournament.

The tournament will be played using the Swiss system with 9 rounds following FIDE rules. The chief arbiter will be Evgeniy Meteleno (Astana), FIDE Arbiter.

The total prize pool of “Almaty Open 2017” will be 2 500 000 tenge and the Grand Prize Winner will be awarded by 450 000 tenge. The awards ceremonies will celebrate the following: best veteran, best chess player under 16, and Almaty best chess player.