The first stage of the Children’s Cup of Kazakhstan in chess “Memorial of Aralbai Izbasarovich Makhambetov – 2018” ended on May 26 in Kyzylorda. There were no peers to competitors from Astana in the individual and team event.

Among children under 10 years old, two favorites of the tournament gained 8 out of 9 possible points at once. However, according to additional indicators, gold went to Alimjan Amirkul from Astana (ELO rating 1541), silver – Alan Petukhov from Aktobe region (1366). A worthy third place was won by Miras Asylov from Almaty (1483). The fourth place – chess player from Karaganda region Daniyal Sapenov (1153), whose rating thanks to a brilliant performance increased by 128 points! Final table: download.
In the age group  under 14 years old, confidently finished another chess player from the capital of Kazakhstan, Candidate Master of Sports (CM) Aldiyar Ansat (1990), – 7.5 points out of 9 and a gold medal. It should be noted that 3 competitors gained 7 points each. But the additional indicators distributed the places in the following way. Silver was won by Chingiskhan Sarzhanov (1990) from Kostanay region, bronze – Zhangir Bizhigitov from Almaty (1741). Final table: download.
The best among the girls at the 1st stage of the Children’s Cup of the country were:

  • under 14 years old – woman candidate master of sports (WCM) Amina Kairbekova (1811) from Astana,
  • under 10 years old – Elnaz Kaliakhmet (1188) from Almaty, by the way, has improved her rating performance by 94 points.

At the open tournament within the memorial , the winner was FIDE master (FM) Bakhtiyar Nugumanov from Akmola region who gained 7.5 points out of 9 possible. At the second and third places were competitors from Almaty – Kazbek Primbetov (2253) and Stanislav Zybin (2280). Another player from Almaty, FIDE master Asylkhan Karayev (2253) won the fourth place (final table: download).
Competitors from Astana were stronger also in the team event. Amina Kairbekova, Dias Alimbetov, Alimzhan Amirkul and Ansar Sergazin were by head and shoulders above their rivals from other 17 teams, including Kyrgyzstan teams. Silver was won by the chess team from Almaty, bronze – the first team of Kyzylorda (final table: download).
The next second stage of the Children’s Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Memorial  of Anatoly Gavrilovich Ufimtsev ” will be held from 5 to 12 June in the city of Kostanay (detailed information).

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In July 7th 2018, in the city of Kalutara (Sri Lanka), 14th Asian Championship among schoolchildren starts. 12 young chess players from 5 regions of the country will represent Kazakhstan. Official players from the Kazakhstan Chess Federation (KCF), according to the status of the tournament, will stay free of charge in the hotel’s 3-bed room.

Below is a list of athletes from the KCF, included in the official players of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation on the best performance at the World, Asia and Kazakhstan Championships, among children and schoolchildren:

  1. Bibisara Abylaykzy, Taraz
  2. Dinmukhamed Tulendinov, Almaty
  3. Zarina Nurgaliyeva, Atyrau
  4. Yerzhan Zhetpis, Atyrau
  5. Aizere Omar, Almaty
  6. Bekmuhammed Nesipbaev, Shymkent
  7. Araylym Alipbek, Shymkent
  8. Aibek Turarov, Taraz
  9. Zeynep Sultanbek, Shymkent
  10. Abilmansur Abdilhayir, Shymkent
  11. Nazerke Nurgali, Kyzylorda
  12. Ayat Abdullayev, Atyrau

Within the framework of the Asian Championship, competitions will be held in 6 age categories – up to 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17 years old. Separately, there will be an open tournament and a tournament for girls.

The tournament on classical chess is conducted according to the Swiss system in 9 rounds.

On the closing day of the competition (July 14th), the blitz championship will be held.
Acceptance of applications (download) from additional players, who do not pretend to be official players, will continue until 6 p.m. on May 31st.


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In three cities of the country where the project “Chess in Schools” is implemented, rapid team tournaments took place among the 2nd grade pupils. A total of 165 pupils from 18 schools were involved.

The tournaments were held in the cities of Pavlodar on May 4-5, Kyzylorda on May 17 and in Almaty on May 18. Each school sent one team from each grade, in which chess classes were held. As a result of the tournament, the winning teams were awarded with diplomas and medals, the winner school with a cup.
– The pupils showed very good degree if training. It was clear that the children start well in the opening, analyze the positions in the middle of the game and understand the endgame. I think that for the first year of chess training this is very decent results reported the Lead Referee of Almaty tournament, Konstantin Burnashev.

“Chess in School” project of the Academic Fund of Shakhmardin Yessenov Foundation aims to introduce chess as a compulsory subject in Kazakhstan schools. Shakhmardin Yessenov Foundation is the general sponsor of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation, which implements this project.

– The project was launched on September 1, 2017 in 18 pilot schools of the country. During the academic year, chess classes were held for second graders in 40 grades, 21 of them in the Kazakh language. The chess rooms were equipped, a program of additional training and training of 25 teachers was developed at the expense of the Foundation, reported Irina Grishchenko, executive director of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation.
Work with pilot schools will continue until the completion of testing of the training package for all years of study. Along with classes in these schools, psychodiagnostics of cognitive development of pupils is conducted, the purpose of which is to assess the influence of chess on the psychology of young pupils. For this purpose, psychologists of schools will be additionally trained in all pilot schools, who at the beginning and at the end of each academic year measure the pupils of the pilot classes.

The Foundation will gradually expand the geography of the project. It is planned to involve 30 schools in the South Kazakhstan region in the project from September 1, 2018.

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On April 26 in Hungary 18 year-old Zhansaya Abdumalik achieved the final norm of the men’s grandmaster.

Zhansaya completed her participation in the international tournament Budapest Spring Festival 2018, which was held in the capital of Hungary in the city of Budapest from 18 till 26 of April. At the competition she achieved third norm of the international grandmaster. 

The tournament brought together 357 chess players from 39 countries of the world. Zhansaya Abdumalik took part in the main open tournament. Another 166 players also registered to it.
– The title will be awarded to the chess player at the next meeting of the FIDE Congress. It is worth noting that over the course of chess history, only five female chess players in the world achieved a similar result who became the men’s international grandmasters at such a young age, and only one female chess player from Kazakhstan and Central Asia – Zhansaya Abumalik, – stated the Executive Director of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation (KCF) Irina Grishchenko.

According to the results of April, rating of Z. Abdumalik is 2484. Consequently, Kazakhstani chess player entered the Top 20 best sportswomen of the world, having settled at 17 position of the FIDE rating.
– This is the highest result in my career. Now we are waiting for the FIDE Presidential Congress, where I will officially be awarded the title, — said Kazakhstani chess player Zhansaya Abdumalik.

Zhansaya Abdumalik is a fivefold champion of the world among girls, men’s international master and grandmaster among women. Her first norm the chess player achieved in July 2017 in Philadelfia at the Annual World Open tournament, and the second norm she achieved taking part the Karpos Open-2018 tournament, which was held at the end of March this year.

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Albania finished the World Chess Championship among schoolchildren. As a result, Kazakhstani athletes won 4 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.

The world championship, held in the city of Durres (Albania), was attended by 387 young athletes from 40 countries of the world. Kazakhstan at the tournament was represented by 53 chess players.

In the tournament among boys in the age category up to 7 years there was no equal to Dinmuhammed Tulendinov from Almaty. For the whole tournament, only one draw and one defeat (from another Kazakh Maxim Tsoy), in the end, 7.5 points out of 9 possible and gold of the championship. Thanks to his performance at the tournament, Dinmuhammed raised his rating by 14.4 points. Maxim Tsoy, mentioned above, allowing for the entire tournament two defeats, however, won a bronze medal.
An excellent game was shown by another athlete from Almaty Ryan Zhumagali. Its unbeaten series of parties was interrupted only once by a rival from India. As a result, both chess players scored 8 of 9 points, but on additional indicators, Kazakhstan lost first place to its rival, having won silver.

Alata Nurmanova brought another gold to Kazakhstan: in her demonstration for girls under 11 years, she brought two parties to a draw and lost to the Azerbaijani chess player.
Abilmansur Abdilhayir from Shymkent was considered the favorite among boys up to 15 years up to the penultimate eighth round. But in the final games of the championship he could not win, including the compatriot from Semey Arystan Isanzhulov. As a result, Arystan won first place, Abilmansur got the third.
Female master of FIDE, Kyzylorda Nazerke Nurgali showed her skills in the category of up to 15 years. Silver medalist of the Asian Rapid Championship (2018), she took the top step of the podium.
– The result, shown by Kazakhstanis at the World Championship among schoolchildren, exceeded all expectations: 4 gold out of 12 possible – it’s great! It is gratifying that more and more of our children are becoming world champions, “said Anuar Ismagambetov, head coach of the Kazakhstani children’s and youth team.
In the team classification Kazakhstani chess players took the first place in the world championship.
– The results of the competitions only confirm that children’s chess in our country is developing dynamically, more and more children want to study the ancient game. All this among other things has become possible due to the introduction of chess in the school curriculum in three pilot areas and competition among chess schools, – said Irina Grishchenko, Executive Director of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation.


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On April 30, the final of the country’s men classical chess championship finished in Almaty. Murtas Kazhgaleev, the international grandmaster from Uralsk, now residing in Tashkent, won the gold medal for the second time after 2015. In the second place was the master of FIDE Denis Makhnev (Pavlodar), the third was taken by the international grandmaster ,Pyotr Kostenko (Kostanay).

The tournament was held on a round-robin system in 11 rounds. Four international grandmasters, two international masters, five FIDE masters and one candidate for master of sports participated in the competition.

Konstantin Kazakov and Alisher Suleymenov

The first round of the competition ended with only one productive game – Pyotr Kostenko defeated Pavlodar Alisher Suleimenov, the rest of the games ended in a draw. But as early as starting from the second round, the athletes became more active and three favorites were determined closer to the middle of the tournament: 4-times champion of the country, Pyotr Kostenko, classic, rapid and blitz champion of the country under the age of 20 (2018) Denis Makhnev and Murtas Kazhgaleyov, chess players of Kazakhstan. The other rivals moved behind them with a small margin.

Anuar Ismagambetov

Before the final 11th round, the three leaders scored seven points each. The outcome of the tournament was decided by the key parties – Nurlan Ibraev versus Denis and Murtas against Pyotr. As a result, Nurlan concedes victory to Denis, and Murtas defeats Pyotr. Both winners of the last round gain 8 points out of 11 possible. However, due to the difference in the additional indicators, Murtas won the first place, Denis – the second, Pyotr – the third. It is worth noting that Denis played in the final of the national championship for the third time, but before this tournament without any particular results.

Denis Makhnev

– Absolutely all athletes showed an excellent game. Pleased with Denis Makhnev. If he does not consider that the silver of the country’s championship is the peak of his chess career, then, perhaps, he will be a good fighter in the near future, “said the head coach of the Kazakhstan national chess team Pavel Kotsur. – I want to congratulate Murtas Kazhgaleev with a brilliant victory in the championship, he really looked the best and Pyotr Kostenko – with a bronze medal. Championships of Kazakhstan on a round-robin system are required to enable young chess players to compete with grandmasters and get a chance to be selected in the national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On his Facebook page, Murtas Kazgaleev thanked the Kazakhstan Chess Federation for the high level of the tournament organization. This year the grandmaster will represent Kazakhstan in the personal championship of Asia and the Cup of Central Asia.
– The current Kazakhstan championship, unlike previous tournaments, was distinguished by a large number of young chess players who in different years became champions of the republic in their age categories. Therefore, the struggle in the tournament was tense and without obvious outsiders, “said Irina Grishchenko, Executive Director of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation.

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