On July 20, the World Chess Day is celebrated by 178 countries. And Kazakhstan is no exception. In a number of regions, various thematic events and competitions will be held.

The international chess day has been celebrated since 1966. The initiative of a holiday belongs to the World Chess Federation (FIDE), which was founded on July 20, 1924 in Paris. According to FIDE in 2012, there were 605 million adults in the world who constantly played chess. In Kazakhstan, according to the Ministry of Culture and Sport, there are 6138 chess schools and 173205 people are engaged in chess professionally.

In the Pavlodar region on July 19 in the regional library named after S. Toraigyrov there will be a chess festival. The program includes: presentation of public awards of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation, master-class of the international master (IM) Evgeny Egorov, chess games for everyone. The rumor will be delighted with the concert of the orchestra of folk instruments, and the eyes – the exhibition of applied art.

On July 20 at the Chess House at 10:00 clock will be a blitz tournament with cheating of the international rating, in which all Pavlodar residents and visitors may participate. And at 16:00 will be a match between veterans and schoolchildren.
In Aktobe, in July 18 – 20 on the territory of the Central Stadium, the insert “B” will host a tournament among chess players of at least 3 ranks. The competition is held according to the Swiss system in 9 rounds. The tournament is conducted under the supervision of the Aktyubinsk Regional Chess Federation. The main judge is Murat Abilov.
In Almaty, in July 20-22, the rapid chess tournament (Rapid) – the Memorial of Amanty Kuanyshevich Bulekpaev will take place with the participation of international grandmasters (GM) and international masters (IM). The total prize fund is 1 million tenge. As a result of the memorial, on July 23, the “Silver Samovar” Blitz Chess Championship (blitz) will be held, with a prize fund of almost 500 thousand tenge.

And on July 24 at 18:00 in the chess academy of Zhansaya Abdumalik with the assistance of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation (KCF) a simultaneous gaming session for schoolchildren will be held. The session will be given by:

Zhansaya Abdumalik – male international master, international grandmaster among women, a member of the women’s national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan,

Petr Kostenko – international grandmaster, a member of the men’s national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan,

Gulmira Dauletova – women’s international master, member of the women’s national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan,

Асель Серикбай — women’s master of FIDE, a member of the women’s national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To take advantage of the opportunity to play with the best Kazakhstanichess players, you must first subscribe, since the number of seats is limited. Free admission. Registration for sessions by number: 8 775 110 70 99.


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Over 400 athletes aged 7 to 17 from 16 countries of the world participated in the 14th Asian Championship Among Schoolchildren – 2018, held in Kalutara, Sri Lanka. Kazakhstani chess players won 2 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medal.

36 Kazakhstani athletes participated in the tournament, of which 12 chess players were listed as the official players of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation.
In the open tournament in the age category under 7, Dinmukhammed Tulendinov became the champion of the continent (1421). In his performance, he ended only one game in a draw with a chess player from India Vivaan Vijay Saraogi. As a result, he got 8.5 points from 9 possible ones and a gold medal. Due to a successful performance, Dimash added 30 points to his FIDE rating. As a reminder, in April this year in Albania, the young chess player has already won the title of the world champion among schoolchildren under 7. Moreover, it has happened one tour before the end of the championship.
Another gold was brought to Kazakhstan by WCM Zeynep Sultanbek (1654). Among the girls in the age category under 15, she ended two games in a draw with athletes from India and Bangladesh, who took the 2nd and 3rd places, respectively. Our Zeynep improved her rating performance by 90 points.
The silver medal of the Asian Championship among girls under 17 was won by WFM Nazerke Nurgali (2058). The victorious series of games was only interrupted once by the defeat from the chess player from Uzbekistan Sitora Saparova, who, in fact, won gold.

Alim Tuguzbay won the bronze medal in the open tournament under 11 years old. One loss and two draws allowed to score 7 points out of 9. Ever more excellent performance by Alim, which is supported by performance – plus 77 points to the FIDE rating.
The honorable bronze medal of the open tournament under 15 was won by FM Abilmansur Abdilkhair (2235). Abilmansur suffered two defeats, losing to athletes from Uzbekistan and India, and ended one game in a draw at the finish. As a result, 6.5 points out of 9. Another Kazakhstani FM, Arystan Isanzhulov (2142), scored the same in this age category, taking the 4th place. Two games with the hosts of the tournament ended in a draw and defeat, he lost another game to Abilmansur.

Among other chess players from Kazakhstan, the performance of Zarina Nurgalieva can be distinguished. In the tournament among girls under 9, she came in with 7 points out of 9, as well as a bronze medallist from Mongolia. But by additional coefficients, she was only rated 4th.

Excellent game was shown by Diyar Pakhirdinov (1153). Being number 17 at the start at in the open tournament under 9 years, he came in 5th and added 60 points to his FIDE rating. Bekmukhamed Nesipbaev (1543) was rated the same at the finish in the open tournament under 10. Liya Kurmangalieva (1685) came in 4th among girls under 13.
The best chess player in the open tournament under 17 became WFM Asel Serikbay (2179), who came in 6th after 9 rounds. Ayat Abdullaev showed not a bad performance in this age category. Despite 3 lost games, two draws, he not only retained his place in the starting list (11), but managed to move up to the 8th place. As a result – plus 90 points to the rating.


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In Aktau, the 4th stage of the Kazakhstan Children’s Cup for Chess “Memorial of Lazar Yelmukhanbetov – 2018” finished. The tournament was held in a friendly atmosphere, there were no complaints. The name of the winner in all categories was uncertain until the last round.

Chess players from Mangystau, Akmola, Pavlodar, Aktobe, Kyzylorda, West Kazakhstan, East Kazakhstan, Atyrau, Kostanay, Karaganda regions, as well as from the cities of Astana, Almaty and Shymkent participated in the tournament.
In the tournament В (under 14 years old), 56 competitors took part. 8 points out of 9 possible were scored by Astana resident, Amina Kairbekova (WCM, ELO rating 1828) – gold medal. Also, Almas Shudabay from Aktobe Region scored 8 points (ELO 1662), but he occupied the second place according to additional indicators – silver medal. 6.5 points were scored by Shymkent resident, Beibarys Tasbolat (1353) – bronze medal

Tournament nominations:
– among girls under 14 years old

  • 1 place – Irada Abisheva (Aktobe Region)
  • 2 place – Aidana Kushbay (Mangystau region)
  • 3 place – Nazimgul Atagullina (Aktobe region)

– among boys under 12 years old

  • 1 place –Dias Alimbetov (Astana)
  • 2 place – Nursipat Kairosh (Atyrau region)
  • 3 place – Mendygaliyev Asylkhan (Kostana region)

– among girls under 12 years old

  • 1 place – Aya Dausheva (Kostanay Region)
  • 2 place – Meirzhan Karataikyzy (Astana)
  • 3 place – Zuhra Sarsenby (Atyrau region)

Hot contest took place in the tournament С (under 10 years old), where 79 chess players participated. Three prize-winners throughout the tournament alternated in the top three. Finally, the 9th round determined the positions as follows. Gold was won by Astana resident, Alikhan Belzhanov (1542), silver – Almaty resident, Miras Assylov (1399), bronze – host of the tournament, Edgar Mamedov (1438).

Tournament nominations:
– among girls under 10 years old

  • 1 place – Kaliza Ayzharyk (Almaty)
  • 2 place – Manshuk Kamasheva (East Kazakhstan region)
  • 3 place – Zarina Koishieva (Mangistau region)

– among boys under 8 years old

  • 1 место – Akylzhan Meirkhanuly (Kyzylorda region, Aral City)
  • 2 место – Nazar Talgatov (Mangistau region)
  • 3 место – Adilbek Adilkhanov (Kostanay region)

– among girls under 8 years old

  • 1 place – Azhara Apsalikov (East Kazakhstan region)
  • 2 place – Zeynep Zhappar (Kyzylorda region)
  • 3 place – Khanzada Amanzhol (Aktobe region)

In the rating tournament A with the participation of 21 competitors, the master of FIDE (FM) from Aktobe region Ilya Moisenko (ELO 2293) performed with confidence. In 9 rounds, he only once brought the game in a draw, as a result 8.5 points and gold medal. Equally worthy were two other prize-winners of the tournament – Chingis Kenzhebayev (2045) from Mangistau region – silver and Meirzhan Barmagambetov (1944) from Kyzylorda region.

Tournament nominations:

  • the best result among women – Sakypzhamal Barmagambetova (Kyzylorda region, Aral City)
  • the best results among veterans, year of birth 1958 and older – Khasen Murtazin (Mangistau region)
  • the best result among chess players of Mangistau region – Nurali Akhmedjanov (Mangistau region)

In the blitz tournament (61 competitors), the same trio finished as in the tournament A. With the only difference is that Chingis took the bronze, Meirzhan – silver and gold again went to Ilya.

Tournament nominations:

  • the best result among women – Sakypzhamal Barmagambetova (Kyzylorda region),
  • the best results among veterans, year of birth 1958 and older – Khasen Murtazin (Mangistau region),
  • the best result among chess players of Mangistau region – Aigali Bimanov (Mangistau region),
  • the best result among young men, year of birth 2004 and younger – Murat Omarov (Mangistau region),
  • the best result among young women, year of birth 2004 and younger – Amina Kairbekova (Astana)

In the team tournament D, among 11 teams there was no equal to the team from Astana – gold medals. Silver was won by chess players from Aktobe region, bronze medals went to the hosts of the tournament.

Within the framework of the Memorial, a friendly match took place between the national teams of the Kazakhstan city of Aktau and Azerbaijani Kusary on July 7. Teams played in a draw – 3: 3. The parties liked the initiative and it was decided to hold such matches regularly once a month.
The honorary guest of the tournament was the international Woman Grand Master, repeated world champion and goodwill ambassador of UNICEF International Children’s Fund, Dinara Saduakasova. Within the framework of the memorial, Dinara held a session for participants of the tournament on 23 boards.

Organizers of the tournament are Kazakhstan Chess Federation, Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mangystau Regional Federation of Chess.

The sponsors of the tournament – NWF Samruk-Kazyna JSC and “Samruk-Kazyna Trust” Corporate Fund


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The city of Kalutara (Sri Lanka) is hosting the 14th Asian Championship among schoolchildren 2018. In the rapid chess (Rapid) tournament, Kazakhstani chess players won four medals – 2 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals.
Gold medals: in the age group of up to 17 years old – member of the women’s national team of Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda resident, Assel Serikbay (WFM, ELO rating 2179) and in the category under 15 years old – Shymkent resident, Zeynep Sultanbek (WCM, 1565). Zeynep – silver medalist of Kazakhstan championship 2018 in classics among juniors.
Silver medals went to the current world champion among schoolchildren from Almaty Dimash Tulendinov (under 7 years old, ELO rating 1421) and Zarina Nurgaliyeva from Atyrau (under 9 years old, 1900).

Bronze medals in category U17 were won by Arystan Isanzhulov (FM, 2142) from Semey and Nazerke Nurgali (WCM, 2058) from Kyzylorda.

It is to be recalled that the continental championship is attended by 12 young chess players from 5 regions of the country included in the team of official players from the Kazakhstan Chess Federation in accordance with best performances at the world championships, Asia and Kazakhstan among children and schoolchildren.

Within the framework of the Asian Championship, competitions will be held in 6 age categories – under 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17 years old. Open (open tournament) and among girls will be held separately.

The tournament in classical chess is heldd according to the Swiss system in 9 rounds.

On the closing day of the competition, on July 14, the blitz championship will be held.


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The first stage of the adult Kazakhstan Cup in the classics was completed within the framework of the international chess festival ASTANA OPEN – 2018. The tournament was attended by 153 competitors from 9 countries, including Russia, Latvia and the USA. Among them there are 14 international grandmasters (GM), 10 international masters (IM), 8 FIDE masters (FM). The total prize fund of the tournament was 4 300 000 tenge.

It is to be recalled that in the first Astana Open held in 2016 with the participation of 72 competitors from Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Belarus, a member of our team, IM Kirill Kuderinov from Aktobe, won. The top five included another Aktobe resident, candidate master (CM) Arystanbek Urazayev. By the way, in the final of that Cup the mentioned chess players won gold and bronze medals, respectively.

The tournament received a wide response and already in the next year nearly 170 chess players from 9 countries visited the competition. Mongolians, Egyptians and one Tajik joined the competition, who, by the way, won the gold. The Russian and the Belarusian also pushed back Kazakhstan from the medals. But Anuar Ismagambetov (GM), Astana resident managed to break into the top five grandmasters, whose ELO rating exceeded 2600. Among the best female chess players was competitor from Mongolia, a member of our national team Gulishkhan Nakhbayeva was only half a point from the winner.
Anuar Mukhtarovich, who is also the head coach of the junior national team of the country prepared thoroughly for the current Cup in classical chess. In 9 games he only once gave way to the grandmaster from Latvia and twice drew a tie. In the end – well-deserved silver medal!
– Shortly before the Day of the capital of our country, the first stage of the Cup became an excellent supplement to the program of cultural events. With the support of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation, which exercises overall supervision of the chess festival, a remarkable tournament was held with the participation of famous foreign chess players, – said the state chess coach of Kazakhstan, Dastan Kapayev.
Another competitor from Kazakhstan pleased us with victory. The member of the women’s national team of the Republic and concurrently the deputy executive director of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation (KCF), Gulmira Dauletova (WIM) from Almaty was recognized as the best chess player of the tournament! Silver passed to Astana resident, Amina Kairbekova (WCM), bronze – Alfiya Nasybullina (WFM) from Russia.

– This is the strongest ever tournament in Kazakhstan. Annually grandmasters from foreign countries compete here. Astana Open is the first stage of the Cup of Kazakhstan. The next two stages are held in Almaty (Almaty Open) and Pavlodar (Pavlodar Open). Thanks to such international tournaments held by KCF, our younger generation has a great opportunity to gain a great experience of games and fulfill international titles, said Gulmira Bekzatovna.

The gold medal of the tournament was won by the Latvian grandmaster, Igor Kovalenko, the bronze went to the Uzbek grandmaster Jokhangir Vahidov. GM Piotr Kostenko from Kostanay also entered the top ten chess players of the tournament.

– From year to year, the tournament gets more and more guests. Young Kazakhstan chess players have the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in competitions with foreign professionals without leaving the country, – said Ablai Tastambekov, President of the Chess Federation of Astana City.

In the blitz tournament, which also took place within the framework of Astana Open – 2018, the winning places went to Russians: gold – Ivan Bocharov (IM), silver – Dmitry Bocharov (GM), bronze – Semen Khanin (IM). In the top five was a chess player from the Pavlodar region – Denis Makhnev (IM).
The general supervision of the festival organization is exercised by the Kazakhstan Chess Federation, the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan and ASTANA Central Chess Club.

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The Kazakhstan Chess Federation is declaring a competition among citizens of the country willing to obtain physical education in higher educational institutions of the republic, including extramural form of study. The first pedagogical education and experience as a teacher is an advantage.

The competition involves participants who have titles and achievements in chess if there are supporting copies of documents.

The Kazakhstan Chess Federation (KCF) covers all expenses for training the winners of the competition. The project is being implemented for the development of chess in the country, creating a competitive environment among candidates for the position of a senior coach, the personnel reserve in the regions.

The contest will be held in 2 stages: at the 1st stage applications are considered, at the 2nd there will be an interview on Skype. As a result of the competition, two citizens of the country will be provided with sponsorship assistance for physical education in 2018.

The project is conducted and funded by the initiative of the Academic Fund of Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation.

To participate in the competition, it is necessary to read the Competition Regulation (download) and send it to,

  1. Copy of ID card;
  2. Copies of documents evidencing titles and achievements in chess;
  3. If available, copies of the diploma of pedagogical education;
  4. Completed application – download.

Applications are accepted until July 25, 2018.

The second stage of the competition – Skype interview will be held from July 25 to 29, 2018.

The list of the winners will be published on the website


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