Almaty Open chess tournament has ended in Almaty. This year, a record number of chess players took part: 165 people from 12 neighboring countries and beyond, who fought for a prize fund of 3 million tenge during the week. In tournament “A” Brazilian contestant, Alexander Fier became the best among players with an ELO rating above 2100.

“I am glad that I had the opportunity to take part in such a large international competition,” Alexander shared, “This is not my first visit to Kazakhstan as a guest chess player, and I am pleased to come here again. Kazakhstani contestants show a high level of skill, and I would be glad to see each of them at the championships at home in Brazil. ”

Fifteen-year-old Meirzhan Barmagambetov from Aralsk won first place in the “B” tournament, beating 125 opponents with a rating of up to 2100.

“For me, this is a great achievement, which I owe to my father. I have never visited chess clubs, but my father always loved this game and since I was a boy he has been sharing his knowledge and experience. The game was not easy – my rivals were also adult chess players with great experience, but apparently my desire to win turned out to be stronger” Meirzhan admits.

The chief arbiter of the competition, Evgeny Meteleno, believes that the tournament has every chance of becoming increasingly popular from year to year.

“This year many more foreign guests came to us than in the past. And many of them noted a high level of organization. Moreover, this time they had to play making best efforts from the very beginning of the competition, since we divided them into two tournaments by rating and, accordingly, by the level of chess players. The youngest and oldest participants of this tournament were divided by 3 generations, and this means that chess really unites everyone! ”

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Kazakhstan Chess Federation (KCF) announces a competition for holding official federation tournaments. This decision was confirmed by the Executive Committee of the KCF in September of this year.

According to the decision of the Executive Committee, no later than September 30, information on the next competition will be posted on the official site of the KCF indicating the draft of the calendar plan for the coming year.

– We announce a competition, legal entities can participate in it, regardless of the form of ownership. Application form attached (download). Each candidate is eligible to apply for no more than 3 tournaments. Along with the application for participation in the competition, it is necessary to send a letter from the sport administration/department of the region / city, which will confirm their interest in holding the tournament, – said Irina Grischenko, Executive Director of KCF.

Applications from candidates will be accepted before 18.00 Astana time, October 30 this year.

For more information, see the COMPETITION SELECTION REGULATIONS.

Note that KCF announced a new order to determine the organizers of official chess tournaments by holding national competitions in 2016.

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Kazakhstani athletes won 4 awards at the The World Youth Chess Championships  which takes place on the Greek island of Chalkidiki.
Asel Serikbay from Kyzylorda became the best in the blitz chess tournament among girls under 16 years old. She took fourth place in rapid chess tournament. Let us recall that at the age of seven, Assel has already become the champion of the country.

“It is a great honor for me to represent Kazakhstan at such a prestigious event of a global scale,” admits Asel, “The game was not easy, but I was ready for it. I had to play with the best representatives of chess sports from around the world. Long trainings were not in vain, and the first place in blitz chess tournament is a good achievement. Unfortunately, I was not the best in rapid chess tournament, but for me it’s more of an additional motivation than an occasion to get upset.”

The national team has also two silver, won by Pavlodar citizen Denis Makhnev in blitz chess tournament (up to 18 years old) and Astana citizen Meruert Kamalidenova in rapid chess tournament (up to 14 years old). The fourth medal, bronze in rapid chess tournament, was brought to Kazakhstan by Ramazan Zhalmakhanov, who competed in the age category up to 16.

The World Youth Chess Championships 2018 is one of the world’s largest chess championships, which annually brings together the best players from all over the world. This year a record number of participants took part in the championship – 651 chess players from 79 countries, including 8 grandmasters, 48 international masters and 157 FIDE masters. The championship will last until October 30, chess players are waiting for the game in the classical chess tournament, which can replenish the collection of awards of our team.

“Domestic athletes who are members of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation regularly take part in the world’s largest competitions, traditionally showing a brilliant game,” said executive director of the federation, Irina Grishchenko, “And these competitions were no exception. Kazakhstan is represented by 10 young chess players. On behalf of domestic chess fans, I wish our guys good luck in classical chess tournament”.


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Today, October 16 is the start date of Annual Chess Tournament Almaty Open. It is the 2nd stage of Classic Chess Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 163 chess players participate in the contest, including 19 foreign contestants.

– At the last moment, several more foreign chess players joined us, in total – 19 people. Among them are four chess players from Russia and Uzbekistan, two from Tajikistan and by one from Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Brazil, the Czech Republic and Spain. Strong contenders will help our chess players to improve their professional level, – said the Executive Director of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation (KCF) Irina Grischenko.
As part of the competition, two tournaments will be held: “A” – among chess players with an ELO rating of 2100 and above, and “B” – below 2100.
The total prize fund of the Almaty Open of this year is 3,000,000 tenge. The winner of the main prize of the tournament will receive from this amount 600 000 tenge. Additionally, they will be awarded: the best veteran of the tournament, the best young participant and the best chess player.
– Tournament “A” by composition of participants was quite strong. There are 10 international grandmasters (GM), four international masters (IM), eight FIDE masters (FM) and two candidate masters (CM), – as explained by the main judge of the tournament, FIDE arbiter Yevgeny Meteleno.
Almaty Open 2018 is held for the third time. The tournament will be held according to the Swiss system in 9 rounds according to the FIDE rules with a rating calculation. The tournament will run until October 23.
The tournament is held with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan and the management of physical culture and sports of Almaty.
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Wednesday, October 17, is the starting date of the World Youth U14, U16, U18 Championships 2018 to be held in the Greek city of Halkidiki. Within the framework of the championship there will be classic, rapid and blitz competitions. Participants are 649 athletes from 78 countries of the world. Kazakhstan is represented by 13 chess players.

Eight athletes who won the title of champions of Kazakhstan in their age categories received preferences from the Kazakhstan Chess Federation (KCF). The federation provides full funding for their participation in the World Youth Championships.

  • U14: Mikhail Yegorov, ELO rating – 1941, Pavlodar, Nazerke Nurgali, Women’s FIDE Master (WFM, 2263), Kyzylorda, and contestants from Astana – Kazybek Nogerbek FIDE Master (FM, 2316) and Meruert Kamalidenova (WFM, 1999),
  • U16: Ramazan Zhalmakhanov (FM, 2316), Almaty, and Asel Serikbay (WFM, 2166), Kyzylorda
  • U18: Denis Makhnev, International Master (IM, 2449), Pavlodar, and Saltanat Muratova (1859), Shymkent.

Five more chess players decided to take part in the World Championship at their own expense: in the U14 category – Aytuar Zhukenov (2025) and Lia Kurmangalieva (1733), U18 – Zhandos Agmanov (FM, 2354), Tamerlan Bekturov (2297) and Arnash Baurzhan (2011).

The championship will be opened by a two-day rapid chess tournament. Then, on October 19, a lightning chess competition will be held. October 20 through 30, major classic tournament will be held.

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Individual Blitz Championship of Kazakhstan ended in Karaganda. The first place among men was taken by the international gross master (GM) from Karaganda, Rustan Khusnutdinov. Among women, championship laurels were given to the women’s FIDE master (WFM) from Shymkent Kristina Kim.
The main coach of the women’s national team, Rustam Khusnutdinov, held a series of lossless games, bringing the game to a draw only twice. As a result, 8 points were gained out of 9 possible along with the gold medal. In addition, not a single loss was made by Kristina Kim, but she came out with a draw in three games: 7.5 points and gold medal.
It should be noted that Rustam came third in the National Rapid Championship, and in the Team Championship he was first on the first boards. Meantime, Kristina Kim at the same tournament won the silver medal.

Second among men was chess player from West Kazakhstan Region (WKR), Azamat Utegaliev, this was his second silver medal after the National Rapid Championship. Bronze medal was given to the World Youth Champion U15 (2018), FIDE master (FM) from Semey, Arystan Isanzhulov.

The capital’s chess player, WCM Amina Kairbekova, the winner of the Rapid Championship, did not have half a point to the first step of the pedestal, as a result a silver medal among women. Bronze, like two years ago, was taken home to Uralsk by Aisezzim Mukhit.

The chief judge of the contest was international arbiter, Oleg Rinas.

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Individual Rapid Championship of Kazakhstan came to an end in Karaganda. Gold medal among men was won by International Master (IM) from Almaty, Ayan Akhmetov. Candidate Master (CM) from Astana, Amina Kairbekova, had no match among women.

It should be noted that both championship leaders showed great results at the National Championship finished the day before. Ayan Akhmetov won the first place on the third boards, Amina Kairbekova was second on the fourth boards. At the individual championship of the Republic they gained 7.5 points out of 9 possible.

Second among men was chess players from West Kazakhstan Region (WKR), Azamat Utegaliev. Honorable third place at the pedestal was given to the international gross master (GM)< Rustam Khusnutdinov. The main coach of women’s national team of Kazakhstan at the team championship came first on the first boards.

Silver medal of the individual rapid championship was won by the chess player from Shymkent, Kristina Kim. Bronze medal was given to the women’s FIDE master, Nazerke Nurgali from Kyzylorda.
Tomorrow, October 14th is the start date of National Individual Blitz Championship.

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Entry list for the 2nd stage of the Nation’s Cup, «Almaty Open – 2018», has been composed. Total number of registered chess players is 161.

It was reported earlier that the registration of contestants in this upscale tournament had been closed ahead of schedule due to a large number of applicants. Under the contest Regulation, organizers reserve that right, if the total number of chess players exceeds 120.

It should be noted that the prize fund provided by Kazakh Chess Federation (KFC), is 3,000,000 KZT.

General partner of KFC: SWF “Samruk Kazyna” JSC, social partner: Social Development Fund “Samruk Kazyna Trust”.


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