The second stage of the Kazakhstan Children’s Chess Cup named after «Anatoly Gavrilovich Ufimtsev – 2018» started in Kostanay. The competition gathered nearly 200 athletes from all regions of the country.

Within the framework of the Memorial, there are four competitions:

  • Tournament А – among children under 10 years old (94 participants),
  • Tournament В – among children under 14 years old (81),
  • Tournament С – rating (21),
  • Tournament D — command.

In their speeches at the Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Children’s Cup of Kazakhstan, the Vice-President of the Kostanay Regional Chess Federation – Valery Vishnichenko and the representative of the Regional Sports Committee – Dmitry Gryaznoy welcomed the participants and wished them victory.

During the Memorial the following activities are also planned:
8 May – blit-tournament for all comers,
10 May – a simultaneous game on 20 boards with Grandmaster – Peter Kostenko.

The main Arbiter of the competition – Pavel Rusanov.

The second stage of the Children’s Cup of the country will end on May 12th.


Anatoly Gavrilovich Ufimtsev was born in Omsk. At 10 years he took 2nd place in the city tournament among adults. And in 3 years, in the All-Siberian Chess Tournament of adults (Novosibirsk city), he scored 10 out of 10 possible points. During the war, he served as a military geodesist and participated in the compilation of a single geodetic network of the USSR, and then – Atlas of Kostanay region. Since 1945 he worked in Kostanay as an Eonomist, Deputy Chairman of the Planning Department of the regional executive committee. He always tried to combine his work with chess. In 1946 in the semifinals of the USSR Championship in Tbilisi Anatoly Gavrilovich took the first place. In 1945, at a meeting of the Higher Attestation Commission of the USSR Chess Federation, the protection system developed by Anatoly Gavrilovich was named as “Protection of Ufimtsev”. Anatoly Gavrilovich Ufimtsev was also awarded the title of “Honorary Citizen of the City of Kostanay”. His name was awarded to the Kostanay Chess Club. On May 11th, he would be 104 years old.