The 3rd stage of the Chess Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan among children.


The 3rd stage of the Chess Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan among children «Priirtishye 2015» was completed in Pavlodar.

The festival program provided for the tournaments among boys and girls from 10 to 14 years old, ranking tournament for all comers, as well as the lightning tournament


А and В tournaments will be judged by FIDE.
The winner of А tournament was Alisher Suleymenov – 8 points out of 9!


The winner of B tournament was Kazibek Nogerbek – 7,5 points out of 9!


The winner of C tournament was Amina Kairbekova – 7,5 points out of 9!



Winners aged under 14, boys:
1. Nogerbek Kazibek (Astana)
2. Bekturov Tamerlan (Pavlodar)
3. Katenov Aibek (Astana)
Winners aged under 12, boys:
1. Abdilhair Abdilmansur (Simkent)
2. Barmaganbetov Meirzhan (Kizylorda)
3. Aldabergenov Alrami (Kostanai)
Winners aged under 14, girls:
1. Kamalidenova Meruert (Astana)
2. Koppel Alina (Ust-Kamenogorsk)
3. Kazhgalieva Anel (Pavlodar)
Winners aged under 12, girls:
1. Shauken Aruzhan (Simkent)
2. Aysultanova Dilnaz (Aktobe)
3. Nusupova Kamila(Almaty)
Winners aged under 10, boys:
1. Kairbekova Amina (Astana)
2. Mailebayev Sanzhar (Almaty)
3. Muratov Batirhan (Astana)
Winners aged under 8, boys:
1. Aben Sultan (Taraz)
2. Tuguzbai Alim (Taraz)
3. Biyahmet Amirali (Astana)
Winners aged under 10, girls:
1. Balabayeva Kseniya (Almaty)
2. Bedelbai Aigerim (Shimkent)
3. Shauken Sandugash (Shimkent)
Winners aged under 8, girls:
1. Bogenbayeva Amina 8(Almaty)
2. Bekzatkyzy Akzhan (Kizylorda)
3. Kuandikkizy Balzhan (Taraz)


In the team competition there was nobody equal to Astana team (Nogerbek, Umbetov, Kairbekova, Biahmet)!

Second place was given to the team from Pavlodar, and the third place to Kostanay.

The technical results of all tournaments