On March 13, 2019, the 8th round of the World Team Chess Championship ended, in which the women’s team of Kazakhstan defeated a team from Egypt with an impressive margin.The team’s coach Arman Pashikyan decided to give Zhanzaya Abdumalik a break today, so our team was shifted up one level. Guliskhan Nakhbaeva relatively quickly “sorted out” with her rival on the third board. By the twentieth move Egyptian player Aya Moatazbellah was already left without two pawns. When a black armada rushed to the last row, the Egyptian chess player stopped the clock.

On the first board, Dinara Saduakasova strategically beat Waf Shahenda in the Spanish game with black. If you believe computer evaluation, the position was generally close to the win, but the team leader, probably trying to play more reliably, allowed the opponent to “pay off” with quality. After that, the struggle broke out with a new force. In fairness, we note that there were no serious grounds for concern – the class of the Astana grandmaster was too high. The party nevertheless approached a drawn harbor, and Shahenda almost believed in a successful result for themselves, but experienced players know that until the forms are signed, everything is possible. Dinara announces the check, whites on autopilot move the king to the center, and it turns out that one of the white elephants dies. The result – 2:0 in favor of Kazakhstan.

On the second board with Bibisara Asaubayeva had to check how strongly Vafa Shruk played, she is Shahenda’s sister, playing the board below. Bibisara “pressed” the whole game, won the quality, but Black had sufficient compensation. Perhaps in a different situation the party would have ended in a draw, but Shruk decided to sacrifice a piece that turned out to be incorrect. The implementation was carried out in white with a precision clockwork – 3: 0.

The match could have ended with a dry score, during the meeting Gulmira Dauletova had good chances. Eman Elansari defended himself stubbornly and was rewarded for his work. The draw was fixed after almost six hours of play!

Kazakhstan beat the Egyptian women’s team with a score of 3.5: 0.5 and will play against Armenia in the last round.




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