About the Federation

Mission: Development of chess in Kazakhstan

The development of chess in the regions of Kazakhstan

Teaching chess in schools

Development of professional chess

We strive forward

Chess Federation ofthe Republic of Kazakhstanestablishedsince the beginning ofindependence of Kazakhstan.
Its main purposeis to promotechess in Kazakhstan, participation of top athletesandteams ininternational competitions, promotion of healthy lifestyles.
The Federationcarries out itsactivities in accordancewith the Constitution ofthe Republic of Kazakhstan, the Civil Code ofthe Republic of KazakhstanLaw “On Public Associations”, the Charter and other legislation.
The Federationis active inthe following areas:

  • Developmentand masspopularizationof chessin Kazakhstan.
  • Creating abase,practicalandmethodological assistancein the creation ofchess clubs.
  • Promotion anddevelopment of chessamong children and youth,
  • Competitions.
  • Ensuring the participationof national teams ofthe Republic of Kazakhstanin international tournaments(World Championships, World Cup, Asian Championships, etc.).
  • Individualsupportof athletes.

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