Aisha Zakirova became world champion

In Batumi (Georgia) the World Cup in chess among cadets – children up to 8, 10 and 12 years has concluded. Per the results, 8-year old Aisha Zakirova of Almaty, Kazakhstan became the world champion in age rank up to 8 years.

Together with the team of chess players and compatriots participating in competition, the young world champion Aisha comes back to Almaty tonight. From 6 yearsold she became seriously involved in chess, and is a pupil of the International vocational chess school located in Almaty. Her trainers were Shakey and Kausar Baurzhanin recent years.

Kausar has commented on Aisha’s  victory:

“We are happy. About a year I trained Aisha, and now her official trainer – my father. We began from scratch, learned to put mat in 2 courses. At that time she was afraid of tournaments, even cried sometimes. However, we have done work, and today she surely goes into battle, now she is self-assured chess player, Aisha is the big good fellow. We wanted and knew that she will become world champion. The girl is very talented, and we have even more purposes to accomplish.”

The president of the Kazakhstan federation of chess Galimzhan Yessenov has congratulated the new champion:

“Your victory is the one more proof that during the hard work, study and trainings any purpose is achievable. To become the world champion is not just recognition of merits of your personal, your trainers and, of course, parents, Aisha, but also great honor and responsibility to the people.”

Tleubek Zakirov, the champion’s father, the amateur chess player, the translator by profession has told us:

“The main competitor for Aisha was Unurzul Davaakhuu from Mongolia. I attentively watched the game of both, especially in the last tours and have estimated that at equality of points, the winner will be determined by result of their personal meeting. It happened, both as a result have gathered 9 points, but the daughter has won in personal meeting with the Mongol girl and became the world champion. I studied chess from 6 years, but we lived in the small city Ayagoz and we had no chess section. Aisha was luckier, and hard work, eventually,has reap the fruits. Therefore, today everything in our family delighted, we all want to go to the airport to meet her. The first serious tournament that she had was in South Korea – the Championship of Asia, but back then she did not have enough oftournament experience. At once in Batumi she become a winner in the World Cup. We do not force our daughter to be engaged in chess, we always tell: it is your own choice what you want to do in life.”

728 young chess players from 66 countries around the world have participated in the World Cup in chess among cadets in Batumi.The competitive format is an 11 round Swiss Tournament. From progress of other Kazakhstan citizens – participants of competitions –Meruert Kamalidenova (girls, up to 12 years) who took the fifth place and Aldiyara Ansata (boys, up to 8 years) who took the sixth place in the World Cup.