Kostenko – the winner of “Almaty Open”


The first international chess tournament “Almaty open-2016” has come to the end with Petr Kostenkofrom Kostanaywinning the title of defending chess champion of Kazakhstan.

 Петр Костенко, Фото Евгении Балагута

Petr Kostenkoalso won the total prize fund of the tournament, which is 450 000 tenge. Behind Petr in second place was Belgian grand master Vadim Malakhatko, winning 278 000 tenge. The third place in tournament, with winnings of 228 000 tenge, was received by 18-year-old compatriot Arystanbek Urazayev. It is interesting that he was in the leading position in “Almaty Open” up to the last 9th round. Per regulations of tournament because players with 2 on 6 positions have scored identical quantity of points – 7, prizes have been divided between them on Gort’s system accepted in chess.

Suprising everyone with his rating was the tournament favourite– the Uzbek grand master, the champion of the country and the Cup holder of Central Asia Dzhakhongir Vakhidov who took 14th place.

Petr Kostenko has commented on his victory words of the world champion Mikhail Tal, who has quoted the French chansonnier Yves Montana:

– After any victory “the sun the head is full”!

Other awards given include: the best veteran of tournament (TolegenNukin), the best chess player up to 16 years (AlisherSuleymenov) and the best chess player of Almaty (BerikAkkozov).All athletes represented Kazakhstan. Our compatriot Guliskhan Nakhbayeva was recognized as the best chess player of tournament (among women).


Алишер Сулейменов, Фото Евгения Балагута Берик Аккозов Фото David Llada Гулисхан Нахбаева Фото David Llada

Executive director of the Kazakhstan federation of chess Irina Grishchenko has reported:
“The purpose – to help to increase the professional level to the Kazakhstan masters of chess at the expense of the invitation of their more rating colleagues from abroad – I consider, the tournament has executed. Some of participants of tournament could upgrade the rating and be entitled the master of FIDE”

Джахонгир Вахидов Узбекистан Фото Евгения Балагута Вадим Малахатько Арыстанбек Уразаев Фото David Llada

The tournament started on October 5, and was the 2nd stage of the Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Approximately 100 chess players from Tajikistan and Russia, Uzbekistan and Belgium, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan participated. The total prize fund “Almaty Open 2016” was 2 500 000 tenge. It was provided by the Kazakhstan Federation of Chess (KFC) and the sponsor of tournament – Academic Shahmardan Yessenov science and education foundation.

The tournament is held 9 rounds Swiss Tournament by FIDE rules with shortchanging of rating.

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