Kazakhstan Chess Federation announces a competition for free training and professional development of arbiters. The training will consist of 2 stages.

To pass to the first stage of training you must provide the following items:
– Application (download the form);
– Essay on the topic “The role of the professional arbiter in the development of chess sports in Kazakhstan”;
– Copy of passport or ID.

According to the results of the selection, 21 people will enter the first stage, and they will be officially sent to the seminars at the expense of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation. Another 24 people can take part in seminars on an additional basis at their own expense.

On the basis of the results of the first stage (in case of successful completion of the seminars), participants who do not have a license will receive licenses of national FIDE arbitrators, as well as unique keys to the Swiss Manager program.

Seminars will be held in three cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Kyzylorda.

The seminar in Kyzylorda will take place from May 20 (day of arrival) to May 24 (day of departure), the seminar in Nur-Sultan will be timed to the first stage of the adult cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the seminar in Almaty will coincide with the second stage of the adult cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Applications for participation must be submitted to the by the following deadline:

– until April 29 for passing seminars in Kyzylorda and Nur-Sultan

– from July 30 to August 1 for passing seminars in Almaty.

Three best arbitrators from twenty one participants of the first stage pass to the second stage, according to the results of which it will be possible to obtain a license and the title of FIDE arbitrator.

Further information:

Program conditions

Appendix to program conditions