Results of the final matches of the Children's Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The final matches of the Children's Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan turned out to be remarkably exciting, beautiful, and full of sporting drama. In the match for the 3rd place, Daulet Alihan, who lost the first game but skillfully played the endgame in the second to even the score, forced the match into a tie-break. In the first rapid game, Alihan applied pressure, but his opponent defended ingeniously, resulting in a draw. The second game became decisive. Alihan managed to withstand a desperate attack by Zhanali Izbasar and then, after defending, launched a counterattack and won. Thus, the bronze goes to the Almaty player, and the talented youth from Kostanay finishes fourth.

The battle for the Cup unfolded like a good detective story. Sultanbeybars Dumanuly took the lead three times, and three times Aqylzhan Meirhanuly equalized the score! The young representative from Kyzylorda Region showed true sportsmanship. The ultimate prize had to be determined by an "Armageddon" game. Aqylzhan chose the white pieces – there was no room for retreat, only victory; a draw would leave him in second place. He played the "game of his life" very confidently! Aqylzhan Meirhanuly (Kyzylorda Region) becomes the first champion of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the knockout system. Sultanbeybars Dumanuly (Almaty) receives the silver.

The girls' matches were shorter. Only two games were needed for Asiya Asylkhan (Turkestan) to secure a convincing victory and claim the Cup! Nursulu Orazalina takes second place. In the match for the third place, Aliya Zhumambayeva (Pavlodar Region, Ekibastuz) held a noticeable advantage throughout the match against Bibisara Abylaykyzy (Taraz). However, both in regular time and in rapid chess, the balance remained – 2:2. But in the blitz, the northerner did not miss her chance and won in both games. It ended 4:2, and Aliya Zhumambayeva takes the bronze. Bibisara Abylaykyzy settles for fourth place.

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