Almaty Open chess tournament has ended in Almaty. This year, a record number of chess players took part: 165 people from 12 neighboring countries and beyond, who fought for a prize fund of 3 million tenge during the week. In tournament “A” Brazilian contestant, Alexander Fier became the best among players with an ELO rating above 2100.

“I am glad that I had the opportunity to take part in such a large international competition,” Alexander shared, “This is not my first visit to Kazakhstan as a guest chess player, and I am pleased to come here again. Kazakhstani contestants show a high level of skill, and I would be glad to see each of them at the championships at home in Brazil. ”

Fifteen-year-old Meirzhan Barmagambetov from Aralsk won first place in the “B” tournament, beating 125 opponents with a rating of up to 2100.

“For me, this is a great achievement, which I owe to my father. I have never visited chess clubs, but my father always loved this game and since I was a boy he has been sharing his knowledge and experience. The game was not easy – my rivals were also adult chess players with great experience, but apparently my desire to win turned out to be stronger” Meirzhan admits.

The chief arbiter of the competition, Evgeny Meteleno, believes that the tournament has every chance of becoming increasingly popular from year to year.

“This year many more foreign guests came to us than in the past. And many of them noted a high level of organization. Moreover, this time they had to play making best efforts from the very beginning of the competition, since we divided them into two tournaments by rating and, accordingly, by the level of chess players. The youngest and oldest participants of this tournament were divided by 3 generations, and this means that chess really unites everyone! ”

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