First “Almaty Open”

From October 5 to October 15 in Almaty there will take place the large international tournament on chess “Almaty Open 2016”. At the same time it is the 2nd stage of the Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan. About 100

The World Cup among school students

Attention to all participants and attendants of the World Cup among school students. (Sochi, on December 2-12, 2016.) Changes! The Russian chess Federation extended registration for the World Cup until October 10. Till October 7 it was necessary to send

The trainer’s choice on competitive basis

The meeting of Executive Committee of the Republican public association “Kazakhstan Federation of Chess” (KFC) took place on September 21 in Almaty. 15 members of Executive Committee have taken part in it (including remotely by means of “Skype”). Results of

One more World Cup

In India, the junior World Cup in chess up to 20 years took place in August. Now competition opens up again, but for children of other age – to 14,16 and 18 years old. More than 400 children from more

International chess tournament in Teheran

Tournament is open to all participants. Tehran invites to participate in international chess tournament from 24 October to 1 November. The tournament  will be held in three groups, A (+2100), B (-2100) and C (U14). For GMs and high rated