In July 7th 2018, in the city of Kalutara (Sri Lanka), 14th Asian Championship among schoolchildren starts. 12 young chess players from 5 regions of the country will represent Kazakhstan. Official players from the Kazakhstan Chess Federation (KCF), according to the status of the tournament, will stay free of charge in the hotel’s 3-bed room.

Below is a list of athletes from the KCF, included in the official players of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation on the best performance at the World, Asia and Kazakhstan Championships, among children and schoolchildren:

  1. Bibisara Abylaykzy, Taraz
  2. Dinmukhamed Tulendinov, Almaty
  3. Zarina Nurgaliyeva, Atyrau
  4. Yerzhan Zhetpis, Atyrau
  5. Aizere Omar, Almaty
  6. Bekmuhammed Nesipbaev, Shymkent
  7. Araylym Alipbek, Shymkent
  8. Aibek Turarov, Taraz
  9. Zeynep Sultanbek, Shymkent
  10. Abilmansur Abdilhayir, Shymkent
  11. Nazerke Nurgali, Kyzylorda
  12. Ayat Abdullayev, Atyrau

Within the framework of the Asian Championship, competitions will be held in 6 age categories – up to 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17 years old. Separately, there will be an open tournament and a tournament for girls.

The tournament on classical chess is conducted according to the Swiss system in 9 rounds.

On the closing day of the competition (July 14th), the blitz championship will be held.
Acceptance of applications (download) from additional players, who do not pretend to be official players, will continue until 6 p.m. on May 31st.