In three cities of the country where the project “Chess in Schools” is implemented, rapid team tournaments took place among the 2nd grade pupils. A total of 165 pupils from 18 schools were involved.

The tournaments were held in the cities of Pavlodar on May 4-5, Kyzylorda on May 17 and in Almaty on May 18. Each school sent one team from each grade, in which chess classes were held. As a result of the tournament, the winning teams were awarded with diplomas and medals, the winner school with a cup.
– The pupils showed very good degree if training. It was clear that the children start well in the opening, analyze the positions in the middle of the game and understand the endgame. I think that for the first year of chess training this is very decent results reported the Lead Referee of Almaty tournament, Konstantin Burnashev.

“Chess in School” project of the Academic Fund of Shakhmardin Yessenov Foundation aims to introduce chess as a compulsory subject in Kazakhstan schools. Shakhmardin Yessenov Foundation is the general sponsor of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation, which implements this project.

– The project was launched on September 1, 2017 in 18 pilot schools of the country. During the academic year, chess classes were held for second graders in 40 grades, 21 of them in the Kazakh language. The chess rooms were equipped, a program of additional training and training of 25 teachers was developed at the expense of the Foundation, reported Irina Grishchenko, executive director of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation.
Work with pilot schools will continue until the completion of testing of the training package for all years of study. Along with classes in these schools, psychodiagnostics of cognitive development of pupils is conducted, the purpose of which is to assess the influence of chess on the psychology of young pupils. For this purpose, psychologists of schools will be additionally trained in all pilot schools, who at the beginning and at the end of each academic year measure the pupils of the pilot classes.

The Foundation will gradually expand the geography of the project. It is planned to involve 30 schools in the South Kazakhstan region in the project from September 1, 2018.