Chess players from 11 countries that once represented the Soviet Union and now the Commonwealth of Independent States met in the capital of Russia. On August 9, the open Cup of the World Champion, Mikhail Botvinnik among CIS countries started in Moscow.

In each team there are four young chess players under 14 years old with mandatory participation of at least one girl. The team is headed by a captain – grandmaster or master. The formula of the tournament is that in each round the players do play with each other, but against the captain of the rival team in a simultaneous game. Results of the captain and the young players are summarized. According to this formula, the famous competitions of the Palaces of Pioneers were held in the Soviet Union. The chief referee of the first such tournament in 1972 was the sixth world champion Mikhail Moiseyevich Botvinnik.

The tournament is held according to the Swiss system in seven rounds according to the formula of the Palaces of Pioneers with 90 minutes control each with additional 30 seconds starting from the first step.

Kazakhstan is represented by Amir Igen
Sanjar Mailebayev
Xenia Balabayeva
Alua Nurmanova
The captain of the team is the international grandmaster Rustam Khusnutdinov.

The present tournament involves Azerbaijan (captain Urfan Sevdimaliyev, ELO rating 2388), Armenia (Rafael Vaganyan, 2546), Belarus (Vladislav Kovalev, 2667), Georgia (Luka Paichadze, 2564), Republic of Kazakhstan (Rustam Khusnutdinov, 2470), Kyrgyzstan Semetey Tologontegin, 2407), Moldova (Victor Komlyakov, 2373), Russia (Alexey Korotylyev, 2573), Tajikistan (Mukhammad Khusendhojayev, 2434), Turkmenistan (Maksat Atabayev, 2505), Uzbekistan (Vladimir Yegin, 2317).

Results of the 1st round:

  1. Kazakhstan 4 – 4 Russia
  2. Belarus 5 – 3 Moldova
  3. Turkmenistan 3,5 – 4,5 Azerbaijan
  4. Грузия 4 – 4 Узбекистан
  5. Kyrgyzstan 2,5 – 5,5 Armenia

Photo and video: Alma Ashirova