In August 17 – 25, 2018 in the city of Talgar, Almaty region will be held the VI stage of the Children’s Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan – XVIII International Chess Tournament “Maralsay” for the cup of the first world champion among girls under 20 years old, Flyura Khasanova. The total prize fund of the tournament is 2 680 000 tenge.

The tournament will be held in a picturesque place of Kazakhstan, on the territory of Ile-Alatau National Reserve (“Maral-Say” recreational center, by the way, residence here is mandatory condition for participation in the tournament).

“Maralsay” consists of several competitions:

А. Rating tournament

В. 6th stage of the Children’s Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

  • Personal tournament under 14 years old (2004 and younger)
  • Personal tournament under 10 years old (2008 and younger)
  • Informal personal tournament under 6 years old (2012 and younger)

С. Team event (team consists of 5 people)

Tournament “B” is included in the Youth Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan, according to its results, points will be scored. Tournaments are held in accordance with the Swiss system in 9 rounds.

The tournament “A” admits all chess players. Chess players with the title of international master and international grandmaster with a rating of FIDE of no less than 2300, veterans over 60 and champions of the country in 2018 among juniors are allowed without a deposit.

General supervision and holding of the VI stage of the Children’s Cup of the Republic is carried out by the Kazakhstan Chess Federation jointly with IE “Musina G.S”. Direct conduct of the competition lies with the panel of judges.

All calculations are made to the full extent upon arrival at IE “Musina G.S”. Applications for participation in competitions are accepted until August 1, 2018. In case of arrival without prior application, acceptance of participants is not guaranteed.

All details regarding the terms of participation, awards, transfer, accommodation and others – in the Regulations of the VI stage of the Children’s Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan (download).

Contact numbers:

  • 8 777 523 23 64 – Khasanova Flyura Sirenevna
  • 8 707 677 20 10 – Grigoryev Albert Vladimirovich
  • 8 707 272 72 42 – Maksimova Victoria Vladimirovna