A Sound … Head in a Sound Body! By rephrasing the Latinism, the Kazakhstan Chess Federation decided to encounter, in the fair intellectual game, the representatives of sports and financial organisations of Almaty.

On December 8, 2018, at 10:00 a.m., in Almaty, the Дене және сана tournament took place where the commercial and non-commercial organizations of the south capital measured their strength in chess skills.

The team rapid chess tournament was held according to the Swiss system from 5 to 9 rounds.  Time control: 15 minutes for a whole game for every participant.

Every team consisted of three men and one women.

36 participants tool part in the tournament – teams from 7 organizations:

  • World Class Almaty Sports complex – 1 team
  • ENPF JSC – 1 team
  • BossTan Gym – 1 team
  • WRPF Kazakhstan – 1 team
  • Almaty Marathon – 1 team
  • Triumpher Sports Centre – 3 teams
  • MFitness fitness equipment distributor – 1 team

The contest winners in the team tournament were awarded by the most team points gained in all games (winning – 2 points, stand-off – 1 point, loss – 0 points).

1st place – the third team of the Triumpher Sports Centre:
– Nuriden Mukanov
– Sarsengali Dzhankuatov
– Erzhan Nurmukhamedov
– Galina Polupanova

2nd place – World Class Almaty Sport Complex team:
– Sabir Syzdykov
– Yaroslav Fridmann
– Zhantore Doshmukanov
– Oksana Prokhorchuk

3rd place – the first team of the Triumpher Sports Centre:
– Saken Kamidullaev
– Askar Rozakov
– Viktor Panov
– Meruert Kinzhan

“The Best Woman” of the round has become the representative of the Triumpher Sports Centre – Galina Polupanova. Having no loss during the contest, she has got 5 points of 5 possible ones.

ENPF JSC, BossTan Gym Sport Centre, Corporate Fund “The Bravity to be the First”, MFitness fitness equipment distributor and WRPF Kazakhstan Federation took the other places in the respective order.


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