Chess Cup Moscow Open 2016 – All Winners

The main tournament of the 12th International RSSU Cup Moscow Open, a leg of the Russian Cup, ended in a two-way tie between Urii Eliseev (2582, Russia) and Dmitry Gordievsky (2506, Russia). Both scored 7.5 points in 9 rounds. Eliseev had a better tie-break score and was awarded the main prize.
A group of players had 7 points: Anton Korobov (Ukraine), Artyom Timofeev (Russia), Vladislav Artemiev (Russia), Ernesto Inarkiev (Russia), Alexander Moskalenko (Russia), Dmitry Kokarev (Russia), Vasiliy Korchmar (Russia).
Anton Korobov (2710) got the third prize thanks to having the best tie-break score.
Anastasia Bodnaruk (2453, Russia), Soumya Swaminahan (2345, India), and Alexandra Obolentseva (2194, Russia) tied for the first with 7.5 points in the women’s event. Bodnaruk received the first prize.

Final standings
Tournament C – RSSU Amateur Cup – ended in favor of FIDE Master Pavel Toropov (Russia), who earned 8 points and surpassed Grigory Malyshev (Russia) and FM Kirill Shubin (Russia) on a tie-break.
Final standings
Vladimir Kachar (Russia) won the senior event with 7.5 points, half a point ahead of Evgeny Vasiukov, Viktor Chernyj, Vladimir Kozlov, Evgeny Kalegin, and Evgeny Ilyushkin (all – Russia).
Galina Strutinskaya won the women’s senior prize with 6 points.
Final standings
The final tournament of the program of the 12th International RSSU Cup, the 2016 Moscow Open – RSSU Cup in blitz chess gathered 218 participants.
Young grandmaster from Omsk Vladislav Artemiev won the tournament with 8 points from 9 rounds. With the same points were international master from Moscow Vladimir Seliverstov and grandmaster from Ukraine Eldar Gasanov, but according to the additional criteria they won second and third places correspondingly.
The best result among women belongs to Valentina Gunina from Moscow, she scored 6,5 points. Evgeny Dragomaretsky rose above others in the veterans’ event. He finished with 7 points.
Final standings
At the closing ceremony the winners and runners-up received their prizes from Evgeny Bushmin, RSSU president and deputy chairman of the Federation Council, Natalia Pochinok, president of national student chess league, and Vladimir Palikhata, president of Moscow chess federation.
Official Website / Photos by Galina Popova