Men’s and women’s national teams of Kazakhstan in chess returned from the Asian Nations Cup with 12 medals. 2 Gold awards were brought by Rinat Dzhumabaev and Gulishkhan Nakhbaeva.

At the competitions held in Iranian Hamadan, our athletes won 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 8 Bronze Medals. The competition was held on classical chess, rapid and blitz. Sportsmen of Kazakhstan showed excellent results in personal offset.
The individual winner of the Gold medal on the first board in the Rapid tournament was the leader of the Kazakhstan national team, international grandmaster – Rinat Dzhumabaev (Elo rating 2608). The Silver medal in the blitz competition was brought to our national team by the grandmaster Peter Kostenko (2451), and Bronze in the tournament on classical chess on the third board was won by his team-mate – Murtas Kazhgaleev (2575).
Tournament debutant, international master, 18-year-old Pavlodar citizen Denis Makhnev (2438) also distinguished himself in the competition. In competitions on classical chess and blitz, he won two Bronze medals. In the classic of seven rounds, Denis conducted five games, of which four ended with his victory; in the blitz five performances were also successful for him.
— For me this is a great experience, especially since the opponents were very strong. In the final round of the competition in the classics, we played with the bronze medalists of the current Cup – the Chinese team. I managed to snatch victory, which allowed our team in the overall standings to reduce the opposition to a draw, — Denis Makhnev shared his impressions.
In the tournament on classics among women on the third board, there was not equal to the international female grand master Gulishkhan Nakhbaeva (2352) — Gold Medal. Another medal – Bronze— went to an international male master Zhansaya Abdumalik (2481). In the blitz, the international female master Gulmira Dauletova (2273) was a star – Silver Medal. Two Bronze medals on their boards in the blitz match were won by Gulishkhan Nakhbaeva and debutant of the tournament – Assel Serikbay (2118) from Kyzylorda. Two Bronzes – on Rapid and Blitz — have been brought to Kazakhstan by the international male master Dinara Saduakasova (2495).

— We pay great attention to the training of our chess players. Twice a year we invite for training camps famous Russian Grand Masters – Yuri Yakovich (to improve the skills of women’s team) and Vladislav Tkachev – for men’s team. The next important event for us is the 43rd Chess Olympiad. It will be held from September 23d to October 6th in the Georgian city of Batumi, — said Irina Grischenko, Executive Director of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation.

11 national teams participated this year in the Continental Chess Championship – the Asian Nations Cup. In the classic chess among men Kazakhstan took the fourth place, and the women’s national team of our country finished fifth.

Photo. Dastan Kapayev. state coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan