Over 400 athletes aged 7 to 17 from 16 countries of the world participated in the 14th Asian Championship Among Schoolchildren – 2018, held in Kalutara, Sri Lanka. Kazakhstani chess players won 2 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medal.

36 Kazakhstani athletes participated in the tournament, of which 12 chess players were listed as the official players of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation.
In the open tournament in the age category under 7, Dinmukhammed Tulendinov became the champion of the continent (1421). In his performance, he ended only one game in a draw with a chess player from India Vivaan Vijay Saraogi. As a result, he got 8.5 points from 9 possible ones and a gold medal. Due to a successful performance, Dimash added 30 points to his FIDE rating. As a reminder, in April this year in Albania, the young chess player has already won the title of the world champion among schoolchildren under 7. Moreover, it has happened one tour before the end of the championship.
Another gold was brought to Kazakhstan by WCM Zeynep Sultanbek (1654). Among the girls in the age category under 15, she ended two games in a draw with athletes from India and Bangladesh, who took the 2nd and 3rd places, respectively. Our Zeynep improved her rating performance by 90 points.
The silver medal of the Asian Championship among girls under 17 was won by WFM Nazerke Nurgali (2058). The victorious series of games was only interrupted once by the defeat from the chess player from Uzbekistan Sitora Saparova, who, in fact, won gold.

Alim Tuguzbay won the bronze medal in the open tournament under 11 years old. One loss and two draws allowed to score 7 points out of 9. Ever more excellent performance by Alim, which is supported by performance – plus 77 points to the FIDE rating.
The honorable bronze medal of the open tournament under 15 was won by FM Abilmansur Abdilkhair (2235). Abilmansur suffered two defeats, losing to athletes from Uzbekistan and India, and ended one game in a draw at the finish. As a result, 6.5 points out of 9. Another Kazakhstani FM, Arystan Isanzhulov (2142), scored the same in this age category, taking the 4th place. Two games with the hosts of the tournament ended in a draw and defeat, he lost another game to Abilmansur.

Among other chess players from Kazakhstan, the performance of Zarina Nurgalieva can be distinguished. In the tournament among girls under 9, she came in with 7 points out of 9, as well as a bronze medallist from Mongolia. But by additional coefficients, she was only rated 4th.

Excellent game was shown by Diyar Pakhirdinov (1153). Being number 17 at the start at in the open tournament under 9 years, he came in 5th and added 60 points to his FIDE rating. Bekmukhamed Nesipbaev (1543) was rated the same at the finish in the open tournament under 10. Liya Kurmangalieva (1685) came in 4th among girls under 13.
The best chess player in the open tournament under 17 became WFM Asel Serikbay (2179), who came in 6th after 9 rounds. Ayat Abdullaev showed not a bad performance in this age category. Despite 3 lost games, two draws, he not only retained his place in the starting list (11), but managed to move up to the 8th place. As a result – plus 90 points to the rating.