Individual Blitz Championship of Kazakhstan ended in Karaganda. The first place among men was taken by the international gross master (GM) from Karaganda, Rustan Khusnutdinov. Among women, championship laurels were given to the women’s FIDE master (WFM) from Shymkent Kristina Kim.
The main coach of the women’s national team, Rustam Khusnutdinov, held a series of lossless games, bringing the game to a draw only twice. As a result, 8 points were gained out of 9 possible along with the gold medal. In addition, not a single loss was made by Kristina Kim, but she came out with a draw in three games: 7.5 points and gold medal.
It should be noted that Rustam came third in the National Rapid Championship, and in the Team Championship he was first on the first boards. Meantime, Kristina Kim at the same tournament won the silver medal.

Second among men was chess player from West Kazakhstan Region (WKR), Azamat Utegaliev, this was his second silver medal after the National Rapid Championship. Bronze medal was given to the World Youth Champion U15 (2018), FIDE master (FM) from Semey, Arystan Isanzhulov.

The capital’s chess player, WCM Amina Kairbekova, the winner of the Rapid Championship, did not have half a point to the first step of the pedestal, as a result a silver medal among women. Bronze, like two years ago, was taken home to Uralsk by Aisezzim Mukhit.

The chief judge of the contest was international arbiter, Oleg Rinas.

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