Eurasian Blitz Chess Cup of the President of Kazakhstan


Best GMs of the continent to contend for the Cup of Eurasia this June 17-20
The tournament, that will take place in Almaty, will be one of the most important events on the sports arena of Kazakhstan this year. More than 150 athletes from Eurasia — the best chess players and grand masters of the continent – will participate in the event. The Kazakhstan Chess Federation aims to support and contribute to the development of chess movement in Kazakhstan by organizing the tournament. The Federation’s President Mr. Galimzhan Yessenov tells us about the driver of the idea of holding the Cup: “Our continent is living through some very challenging political days. Many things are disuniting people. We hope and believe that the tournament will connect people, the chess players from the countries of Eurasia, and help focus on what brings individuals and nations together, rather than any differences. We hope that upon returning home, the athletes will have left not only with their prizes and good impressions, but also with this simple and kind thought at heart. The Cup of the President of Kazakhstan, hopefully, will not be just a sports event, but an important one in the life of the continent.”

Regulations of the tournament can be downloaded here

Registration form is available here for download.