Today, on March 14, 2019, the 9th (final) round of the World Team Chess Championship ended in Astana, where the Kazakhstani men’s team met with Chinese chess players.

In a bitter struggle, our chess players gave way to the Olympic champions – the PRC team – with a minimum score of 1.5:2.5 and eventually finished in eighth place, showing a good level of play in individual matches.

Rinat Jumabayev’s game against one of the world’s strongest grandmasters, Din Lirenja, did not last long, but Rinat had to find a lot of difficult choices to bring the game to a draw. An elegant tactical struggle, where our chess player was in no hurry with playing the material, will surely be remembered by fans of sharp non-standard sequels.

On the second board, Anuar Ismagambetov immediately after the debut (Nimzowitsch’s defense) was in a very difficult position, and Grandmaster Yu Yanyi played flawlessly.

Murtas Kazhgaleev and the rising star of world chess Wei I played a very intense battle game on the third board. Murtas tried to set the whole game for the problems, for which the Chinese youth was finding the right solutions all the time. The logical outcome of the meeting was a draw.

Pavlodar master Denis Makhnev has been continuously improving lately and this tournament will certainly benefit him. Today, playing with one of the strongest Asian chess players Ni Hua, he was constantly looking for counter chances, not trying to “sit in defense”. The Chinese grandmaster, in a position already close to a draw one, began to think more and more in search of an elusive advantage, while Denis, who had gone through a good blitz school and was generally known for his excellent speed qualities, responded instantly. At some point, the odds passed to the Pavlodar master, salvation had already been sought by his opponent. The margin of safety in White’s position was still quite large, although Denis continued to “test” his venerable opponent until the 99th move. Draw.

The men’s national team of Kazakhstan was represented by: Rinat Jumabayev, Anuar Ismagambetov, Murtas Kazhgaleev, Denis Makhnev and Peter Kostenko.

According to the results of the World Team Championship, the men’s team of Kazakhstan took the eighth place, ahead of Sweden and Egypt. The final standings look like this:

1st place – Russia
2nd place – Great Britain
3rd place – China
4th place – India
5th place – USA
6th place – Iran
7th place – Azerbaijan
8th place – Каzakhstan
9th place – Sweden
10th place – Еgypt




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