Dear chess fans!

Kazakhstan Chess Federation invites everyone to take part in the IV Republican online open tournament “Almaty Online Chess Festival 2021”.


The tournament consists of the semifinal (August 27th, 2021) and the final (August 28th, 2021). The total prize Fund for the competition is 700,000 tenge.

The tournament is open to citizens of Kazakhstan and foreign citizens regardless of their professional or amateur status, age, ability, gender, sex, or other categorization.

The first 20 registered citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign citizens with the titles GM, IM, WGM, WIM have the right to take part in the final.

The competitions consist of 9 rounds according to the Swiss system (semifinals of 7 rounds). After the completion of the regular round, the next round starts automatically with the help of the lichess.org platform. Time control: 10 minutes + 2 seconds for each moved piece, starting from the first one.

All tournaments are held according to the semifinal-final system. Semifinals are held without monitoring in Zoom, all finals are held with monitoring in Zoom. Link to Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/6534067663

ID: 6534067663

Each player must connect to the Zoom video conference installed on a mobile device with video and audio communication turned on; at the same time, the camera must be in such a way that the computer monitor and the participant themselves are visible. See the sample:

Each participant must complete the following stages of registration on the website lichess.org:

  1. Create an official login on the game site lichess.org, which corresponds to the last name and first name. Example: last name and first name – Serikov Arman, login-Serikov_Arman. A login that does not correspond to the participant’s first and last name is allowed, but participant must fill out the lichess Profile as follows (in the upper right corner, select their login-profile – ) as shown in the picture below:2. Join the Almaty Chess Festival club at the following links:semifinal: https://lichess.org/team/almaty-chess-festival-qualificationthe final: https://lichess.org/team/almaty-chess-festival-finalby sending a request.Acceptance of applications ends 24 hours before the start of the semifinals. If the application is submitted later than the specified deadline, participation in the competition is not guaranteed.

In order to combat “cheating” (the use of computer programs or third-party people by participants), the tournament games will be checked by the anti-cheating program of the lichess.org site. A special team for detecting cheaters, observers and engineers of the lichess.org platform will work in coordination with their own technology for detecting unfair play to ensure fair and honest results for each game.

A player caught violating the Rules of Fair Play will be disqualified from online tournaments held by the Kazakhstan Chess Federation for a period of 1 year.

Prize Fund of the IV Republican online open tournament Almaty Chess Festival 2021 (final), tenge (before taxes):

General prizes

1 place — 100 000
2 place — 80 000
3 place — 60 000
4 place— 40 000
5 place — 30 000
6 place — 20 000
7 place — 10 000

Women’s prizes
1 place — 40 000
2 place — 30 000
3 place — 20 000

Prizes for the Seniors (50+)
1 place — 30 000

Prizes for the Seniors (65+)
1 place — 30 000

Prizes for young people under 18
1 place — 40 000
2 place — 30 000
3 place — 20 000

Prizes for children under 14
1 place — 30 000
2 place — 20 000
3 place — 10 000

Prizes for children under 12
1 place — 30 000
2 place — 20 000
3 place — 10 000

Cash prizes will be transferred to the winners (prize-winners) or their legal representatives to a bank account within 30 working days. The winners must send their account details to play@kazchess.kz

Those who wish to receive additional information can join the Telegram Chat at the link: https://t.me/AlmatyChessFestival2021

Regulations: Download Regulations

We remind you that the IV Republican online open tournament is held as part of the online competitions “Almaty Online Chess Festival 2021”, held from August to December 2021, with a total Prize Fund of 10.5 million tenge. The event was organized by the Kazakhstan Chess Federation together with the Almaty city sports Department and supported by Almaty city Administration.

We wish all participants good health, luck, and a successful performance in the tournament!

Press-ofiice, Nur-Sultan city, 25/08/2021