The chess tournament among Kazakhstani universities, held on the territory of the KIMEP University, came to an end. The first two places went to the teams of the University of IITU, the University of Energy and Communications won bronze, the Agrarian Academy took the fourth place, KIMEP got the fifth place.

The personal results of the competition were summed up as well. On the first board, Kasim Diyar from Turan University showed the best result, scoring 7 points out of 7. Representative of the IITU-1 team Akhmetov Ayan got 6.5, Atakhanov Tleumberdi from the Agrarian University scored 6 points.

The results for the second boards were as follows. Mezentsev Ivan (IITU-1) scored 6.5 points. Bakyt Yersain from the University of Energy got 6, Saparbayeva Sitora from Kazakh German University also scored 6 points.

On the third board, Kembaev Bakhytzhan, a representative of the national team of IITU-2, scored 6.5 points, Hamit Daulet from ALMA University got 6 points, Nasybulina Alfiya from IITU-1 scored 5.5.

The best results on the fourth boards were shown by Evgeniya Marinushkina from KIMEP-2 with a score of 7 points, Muratova Anel (IITU-1) scored 6.5 points, Kozybaeva Alisa (IITU-2) got 6.5 points.

The winners were awarded medals and cups of 1, 2, 3 degrees, as well as memorable prizes.

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