On February 14 in Atyrau the semi-final of the championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan on chess came to the end. The winner among men is Konstantin Kazakov from  Pavlodar region, among women – Aminf Kairbekovf from Astana.

– I lost two games to Zeynep Sultanbek and Liye Kurmangaliyevoy, but before the last two rounds I concentrated and  took the first place, – says Amina Kairbekova.

Players participated in a  “Swiss system” tournament from the different cities of Kazakhstan. The greatest concentration of athletes comes from the Atyrau region – 34 chess players.

From the total number of chess players, statistics include 96 (68 men and 28 women) 3 international masters, 9 masters of FIDE and 5 candidates for the master participated. Age of chess players — from 7 to 78 years.

For the first time for all history of Kazakhstan chess the athlete aged up to 14 years gets into the list of participants of the final of the championship of Kazakhstan – Kazybek Nogerbek took the second place in the Atyrau tournament.

— Almost each round lasted long, victories were given me hardly. But after all I managed to take the second place — Kazybek Nogerbek shared his impressions. – In the final round will play strong opponent. But I will try to play well and to execute the norms of the international master.

Final round of a tournament: men and women (to download).

— For the first time the intermediate stage of national championship on chess passes in the western part of the republic – in the city of Atyrau. I will note the high level of the organization of a tournament. I want to thank mayor of area and personally the head of department Beckett Azamat for participation and the help. We are sure that last tournament will give a new impulse to development and promoting of chess sport in the area and in the city of Atyrau — the executive director of the Kazakhstan federation Irina Hryshchenko told.

For more details about semifinal of the championship of the Republican of Kazakhstan you can find HERE.

There was also a Blitz tournament available to all participants. It was a good gift to people who  live in Atyrau from organizers, the deputy chief judge of a tournament and the vice-president of the Atyrau regional federation Sabyrbai Gaisin noted.
— There were no claims during the tournament, matches took place in the friendly atmosphere. I am proud for the participation in this semi-final of chess players from my region — Sabyrbai Gaisin reported.

The athletes who won from  1 to 3 places in a semi-final will participate in the final of the championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan which will take place since April 20-30 in Almaty.
Organizers of a tournament – the Ministry of Culture and sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan chess  federation and the Atyrau regional chess federation of G.A. Aydaraliyev. The general prize fund of the competition was 850 000 tenges.