Today, March 14, 2019, the ninth (final) round of the World Team Chess Championship in Astana was completed, according to the results of which the women’s team of Kazakhstan took fifth place.

In total, the 10 strongest teams of the planet participated in the women’s section. Kazakhstan after nine rounds was stronger than India, USA, Armenia, Hungary and Egypt.

In the last round, our girls played against the Armenian national team. On the first board, Zhansaya Abdumalik received a standard début advantage in the French defense against the experienced Elina Danielyan and confidently led the game.

The situation of Bibisara Asaubayeva, who was playing today on the second board (black), was slightly worse. Lilit Mkrtchan is a very experienced and strong grandmaster, who played both in the World Cups and in the series of women’s Grand Prix tournaments. Our young asterisk kept a good blow for a while, but then tiredness began to show up (Bibisara played all nine rounds without rest, more than anyone else in the team). On the 21st move, Black impulsively “jerked” the “g” pawn from the king’s position, after which White quickly organized an irresistible attack. But the third and fourth boards got a significant advantage and were entitled to win.

Guliskhan Nakhbaeva received a nice position against Anna Sargsyan, where an Armenian girl, in order not to get a mate, had to be constantly on the alert. She managed to fight off direct threats as a result, but the constant pressure under which the Armenian chess player was underway effected the endgame, where, it seemed, it was a short way to draw. A blunder and Guliskhan triumphs!

Gulmira Dauletova immediately received not only a huge positional but also a material advantage. In the future, the advantage continued to increase, and, under the threat of the inevitable mate, Maria Gevorgian had to capitulate.

Failures of the team members affected the leader of the Armenian national team. The most experienced Danielyan begins to “mishit” and miss one miscalculation after another. Zhansaya achieves victory and the score in the match becomes 3:1!

“Elina Danielyan is a legendary chess player, an experienced grandmaster. Of course, the game was not easy”, – Zhansaya admits. “But I constantly put problems to keep my opponent in suspense. In the end, my opponent could not stand the onslaught and I was able to win. Among other things, yesterday our national team coach gave me the opportunity to recover from hard tours, and this was the right strategic decision.”

The main intrigue swirled in the seemingly passing game India-Hungary. According to the additional indicators, the Indian team had the same number of points with Kazakhstan and, moreover, played against the championship outsiders – the Hungarian team. It would seem that the fifth place was in their pocket.

But the Hungarian girls presented an unexpected surprise. Their team played hard the whole tournament, but they failed to enter the game. But in the ninth round chessplayers from Hungary gave the last fight to the Indian team and made it a draw. It is impossible to describe the feelings of the captain of the Indian team, who saw himself mentally in the secured fifth place. But sport is a sport, and the team of Kazakhstan for the first time in history rises to the fifth step of the podium! It is the outstanding accomplishment of our girls.

The women’s team of Kazakhstan was represented by: Zhansay Abdumalik, Dinara Saduakasova, Bibisara Asaubayeva, Guliskhan Nakhbaeva and Gulmira Dauletova.

As a result, the places squad teams in the women’s section were as follows:
1st place – China
2nd place – Russia
3rd place – Georgia
4th place – Ukraine
5th place – Каzakhstan
6th place – India
7th place – USA
8th place – Аrmenia
9th place – Hungary
10th place – Еgypt




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