Although the difference in class is huge, everything happens in team chess. And today’s match our guys were very decent, despite the fact that ultimately they were forced to concede. Almost all the games lasted more than four hours.

Rinat Dzhumabaev made a small miracle, having achieved a solid advantage against the 2016 vice-world champion Sergey Karyakin. An extra pawn with any other grandmaster is practically more than a 50 percent chance of winning. But it is not by chance that Sergey is jokingly called on the sidelines as the “Minister of Defense”, his ability to defend the worst positions has become a legend. And today he showed the highest class. But Rinat was on top. In the endgame, where there was almost no resources left to win, a small detachment of white pieces from a rook and an bishop headed by the king bravely went ahead and suddenly managed to create a matte network for the black king. Sensational victory over the contender for the world chess crown “sweetened” the bitterness of defeat.

For a long time Petr Kostenko confidently held a defense against the rising Russian star Vladislav Artemyev. The position did not go beyond equality, and suddenly Kostanay’s grandmaster unexpectedly yawned a pawn in the knight endgame … Even the material shortages were quite large, but the distressed Peter began to make mistakes and in the subsequent segment of the game he clearly did not use all protective resources. It was offensive defeat.

Denis Makhnev, a former Russian champion Dmitry Andreikin, taught a good lesson. Ryazan grandmaster instructively used the weakness of the white fields in the camp of the opponent and won an unconditional victory. Of course, the defeat will not please anyone, but this is exactly how invaluable experience is gained, which will undoubtedly be useful in the future to the talented Pavlodar master.

The defeat of the leader seemed to give additional strength to Alexander Grischuk, who very energetically spent a difficult ending with Anuar Ismagambetov. The chances of a Kazakhstan grandmaster for a successful outcome of the party seemed more than likely, but the Muscovite sought more and more new resources. The result is Grischuk’s victory in a bitter struggle.

The match is lost with a score of 1:3, but taking into account the result on the first board, it can be safely called the “optimistic tragedy”.




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