In the fifth round, our girls played with a well-known rival. In 2017 The national team of Ukraine played a friendly match on the Scheveningen system with a team of Kazakhstan, and, although the victory was achieved with great effort.

Today’s match showed how far our chess school has progressed in a relatively short period of time. On the first three boards, the Kazakhstani masters confidently neutralized the attempts of the Ukrainian guests to develop the initiative.

Zhansaya Abdumalik relatively recently played a tense match in the ¼ World Championship in Khanty-Mansiysk with Maria Muzychuk. The outcome of that memorable confrontation was decided in short parties, the former world champion was lucky day. The “classic” games ended in a draw … And this time the Lvov woman could not get the edge in the Grunfeld defense and in an absolutely equal position was followed by an agreement on a draw.

Dinara Saduakasova, as always after the game, was restrained in external manifestations of feelings. “Nothing interesting …”, – she commented on the game with Anna Muzychuk, one of the strongest chess players of the world. In fact, the Astana team had to non-standardly sacrifice quality and make a series of precise moves to bring the game to equality. It’s nice when our two leading girls play as equals with the strongest grandmasters of the world! After the end of the game, Dinara got into the tight ring of fans, each of whom sought to express admiration for the game of his idol. Despite her fatigue, Dinara answered questions from chess fans for half an hour, gave autographs and took pictures with everyone..

Another former world champion played among the Ukrainians on the third board, but she couldn’t do anything with Bibisara Asaubayeva. Anna Ushenina is an excellent team player, ready to play on any board and any position in the interests of the team. According to grandmaster Brodsky – captain of the Ukrainian team, Ushenina had some chances to win. However, in the Slavic defense, the young Kazakhstani woman demonstrated a non-children’s understanding in the most complicated position, and in view of the complete exhaustion of the fighting forces, a peace agreement was signed.

Gulmira Dauletova did not give up a span of territory in opposition to Natalia Buksa. The  girls played the debut (the Spanish game) in a rather peculiar way, which caused a couple of criticisms from the commentator of the championship, grandmaster Sergey Shipov. But on closer examination it turned out that no serious mistakes were made in any of the parties. The game ended in the last match, and when the rivals shook hands with Arman Pashikyan (the coach of the Kazakhstani team) sighed with relief. Draw – 2:2! With one of the strongest (silver of the Olympic Games-2018 in Batumi) teams of the world, which needed a victory in the match as a breath of fresh air!




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